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Our online courses are designed to mirror the same intensity and quality of our on-campus learning with an intensified flexibility of studying from anywhere in the world. It is devised for students who wish to integrate intensive professional training with comprehensive HYBRID EDUCATION

Accredited Courses Recognised worldwide
Lessons are delivered though our App and live online classes
Guided Practicals, Masterclasses, Production Camps and Networking Events

Lectures In Digital Classroom

We make use of cutting-edge technology to deliver all immersive learning experience

We Arrange Many Events & Meetup

Production camps, Networking sessions, Graduation events etc. So much to experience

Affordable Tuition Fees

Our fees are reasonable and affordable. We believe quality shouldn’t always break the bank

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Our friendly and experienced student support team will assist you all the way


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AACA – Online Studies

AACA Online courses are designed to emulate the real-world environment through virtual learning. The courses are envisioned with the same intensity and quality of our on-campus learning with the intensified flexibility of studying from anywhere in the world. Online learning is a rapidly moving platform that has since taken the world by storm. Countries such as U.S.A, India, South Korea, and China, have been in the forefront of this new advancement. The last few decades have proven that South Africa is capable of being in the forefront by joining the movement. African students, like students everywhere, are intrigued by online learning as it opens up a pristine domain of possibilities.


Benefits of Studying Online

Diverse programs and courses:

Online learning has modified the traditional four-year university course into contrasting online career colleges, short courses and tutorials. It enables a variety of options on what to learn, how to learn and how long.

Lower costs:

Financial constrains lead in depriving students from attaining training. Online programs afford students that opportunity, by eliminating on-campus living, travel expenses and textbooks. Studying online becomes more affordable.

More comfortable learning environment:

With online learning, student can learn anywhere they find comfort, whether its home, in the park, or even on a plain. An environment that is non-distractive allows online learning to be a vibrant ascertaining experience.

Convenience and flexibility:

Online learning promotes inventiveness, self-sufficiency and Self-determination. It enables students to make their own schedules, giving them time for work, hobbies, etc.

Career advancement:

Putting your career on hold is old news! – raising a family, working or even studying another degree is no longer an excuse. Students who yearn to continue studying while working can do so. Online learning enables students to fit study time around work, family, and other obligations. Awarding you the best of both worlds. And if you find yourself with gaps in your resume, online academic work will explain it away.

No traveling:

Traveling is huge time bandit. Attending class at home means additional time on your schedule. Studying online has its caveats and in order to thrive self-discipline, self-determination, self-sufficiency and motivation need to be in the forefront in order to succeed.


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