The AACA Graphic Design online program is designed to empower your creativity and put money in your hands. Graphic designers are always in high demand, whether freelancing or employed.

AACA is known for its hands-on, intensive, highly practical style of training. In this course you will learn the art and business of Graphic Design. Your class projects will form part of your personal portfolio to show to prospective employers or clients.
The course is designed with the same intensity and quality as our on-campus learning, with the added flexibility of studying from anywhere in the world. Making use of the latest technologies in virtual learning, we are able to deliver to you the experience that makes AACA the best. The lessons are delivered through our App and live online class lectures. The program is designed for “asynchronous delivery”, which means that you can learn at your own pace, at any time of the day.
With the AACA online learning platform, you are able to become a professional and industry giant from the comfort of your home and computer.

AACA understands the importance of practicals in the Graphic design discipline, that’s why the lessons are integrated with guided-practicals, projects, quarterly masterclasses, creative production camps and exhibitions, where the students all get together to produce / create graphic design art work, connect, network and grow, under the supervision of industry professionals.
This course is perfect for anyone who is passionate about the art and business of graphic design. Young or old, student or employed.

Course Start Date: 25/01/2021
Duration: One Year
Number of Lessons: +/- 80


The course is delivered in 4 cycles. Each cycle is approximately 3 months long, and offers a unique approach. The student is taken through an exciting experience in concept development and the design process, mock up design, corporate branding and identity, print and digital media design and advertising.
The student is empowered to function in a variety of design and media technology disciplines within and outside South Africa.

This course is designed to equip students with skills of producing a range of design works, working in a business environment, exploring and communicating with a variety of mediums, media processes and techniques. It enables students to generate independent work and create self-employment opportunities.

The qualification is aimed at providing a foundation of generic competencies in design, allowing students to explore different design fields in the creative industry.
By studying this course at AACA, students are offered the opportunity to reach their full potential of advancement within formal education.
This qualification provides learners with access to qualifications in Design at NQF level 5.


a) Minimum Qualification Requirements
• Grade 11 or Matric or Equivalent
• ID or Valid Passport
• Proof of residence
• Curriculum Vitae
• Communication and Computer literacy

b) Course Requirements
• Laptop
• Smartphone
• Internet
• Software used in this course: Adobe InDesign, Adobe illustrator, Adobe Photoshop etc

Modules (To Be Covered):
• Industry Skills
• Graphic Design Theory 1
• Graphic Design Practical 1
• Drawing
• Conceptual Design 1


NQF LEVEL 4 – Further Education and Training Certificate: Design Foundation
AACA certificate of completion
All your quarterly graphic design production camp artwork, as your portfolio.


  • Graphic & Digital Design in an advertising agency
  • Graphic & Digital Design for Print Publication
  • Design and Production for corporate companies
  • Freelance Graphic Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Print Designer
  • Package Designer
  • Advertising Designer
  • Branding Designer
  • Marketing Manager