The AACA Journalism online course, is designed for students who wish to pursue a career in the digital, print and electronic media sector. This course provides students with the skills and techniques required for gathering and analysing information from different sources and producing stories for various media platforms. Students will be able to communicate effectively, write and edit for different kinds of media platforms.

The course is designed with the same intensity and quality as our on-campus learning, with the added flexibility of studying from anywhere in the world. Making use of the latest technologies in virtual learning, we are able to deliver to you the experience that makes AACA the best. The lessons are delivered though our App and live online class lectures. With the AACA online learning platform, you are able to become a professional and industry giant from the comfort of your home.

AACA understands the importance of practicals in the discipline of Journalism, that is why the lessons are integrated with guided-practicals, projects, quarterly Masterclass and creative media production camps, where the students all get together to master the craft of storytelling, connect, network and grow, under the supervision of professionals from the industry.

This course is perfect for anyone, young or old, student or employed, who is passionate about becoming the voice of the voiceless by telling real and relevant stories.

Course Start Date: 25/01/2021
Duration: One Year
Number of Lessons: +/- 80


The course is delivered in 4 cycles. Each cycle offers a unique approach, and is designed to take the student through an exciting experience in media content creation, production, broadcasting, publication and management.
The AACA Journalism online course is occupationally directed.
Learning models such as quarterly master classes, guided practicals, projects, creative media production camps, applied practicals, are employed, to vehicle the integration of knowledge, practical and work based modules (skill sets).

The curriculum is designed to equip the student with the skills of originating and pitching content ideas, researching and analyzing information for journalistic use, creating and delivering content for an array of journalistic purposes in a variety of formats and on various media platforms.


a) Minimum Qualification Requirements
• Matric or Equivalent
• Communication and Computer literacy
• ID or Valid Passport
• Proof of residence
• Curriculum Vitae

b) Course Requirements
• Laptop
• Smartphone
• Internet connection

• Industry skills
• Business Communications
• Ethics of Journalism
• Research Techniques
• Reporting Techniques
• Broadcast Journalism


NQF LEVEL 5 – Occupational Certificate: Journalist
AACA certificate of completion
All your quarterly creative media production camp projects as your showreel.


  • News Reader
  • Freelance Writing
  • Journalist
  • Publication Editing
  • Copywriting
  • News Reporting
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Digital media content editor and creator
  • Digital media content consultant