SAQA ID 73298|Futher Education & Training Certificate: Photography
NQF Level 4|128 Credits

Photography is the study of photo composition, camera use, maintenance. And digital editing. Photography is varied and dynamic, there are various subjects to capture, multiple methods of creating imagery and intricate beauty of digital editing and processing. There is something for everyone in photography. It is the art of capturing life’s moments using traditional film and digital media.

The AACA Photography program is designed to qualify the student photographer in the technical and business aspects of this dynamic industry. Professional photographers are always in high demand for weddings, events, company brochures, business documents, fashion and food magazines or even opening your own studio. The possibilities are endless for professionals in this exciting field.

Principal areas of study within photography include analogue and digital camera operation, camera maintenance, special effects techniques, lighting effects, photo editing, studio management, photojournalism and ethics, communication law, still and motion photography, food and fashion photography, fine art photography, advanced digital printing, storyboarding, portrait photography, special events photography, creative photography and directing, landscape and architectural photography, travel and documentary photography, scientific photography and Freelance photography. Our Photography course aims to produce graduates that are lifetime learners; who will be able to adapt quickly with this constantly transforming field.

The course is designed with the same intensity and quality as our on-campus learning, with the added flexibility of studying from anywhere in the world. Making use of the latest technologies in virtual learning, we are able to deliver to you the experience that makes AACA the best. The lessons are delivered though our App and live online class lectures.

This course is perfect for anyone, young or old, student or employed, passionate about the discipline of Photography.

Course Start Date: 25/01/2021
Duration: One Year
Number of Lessons: +/- 80


The one-year online course is delivered in 4 cycles. Each cycle offers a unique approach and technical focus. Everywhere we go we are surrounded by photography, it is on billboards, street signs, magazine ads, even in our pockets on our smartphones.

Our curriculum is designed to take the student through an exciting experience of the dominant types of photography genres you can pursue as a professional photographer with the purpose of ensuring our students graduate with a clear vision of their niche specialization sector in photography.


a) Minimum Qualification Requirements
• Grade 11 or Matric or Equivalent
• ID or Valid Passport
• Proof of residence
• Curriculum Vitae
• Competence in Computer literacy at NQF Level 3

b) Course Requirements
• Laptop
• Smartphone
• Internet connection

• Industry Skills
• Photography Theory
• Photography Practical
• Professional Studies
• Professional Photo Editing
• Work Integrated Learning


• SAQA ID 73298|Futher Education & Training Certificate: Photography| NQF level 4 |128 Credits
• AACA certificate of completion


  • Social & Event Photographer
  • Fashion Photographer or Creative photography director
  • Stock Photographer or Scientific photographer
  • Newspaper and Magazine Photographer
  • Photojournalist or Freelance photographer
  • Photographic Lab Assistant or Manager
  • Portrait photographer& Landscape photographer 
  • Documentary photographer or producer
  • Own Your Own studio