The AACA Retail Management online one year course, is designed to teach management and leadership principles, as well as industry-specific topics, such as sales and inventory. This course is designed to give students the skills and knowledge they need to work in a leadership position in the retail field. If your passion is in retail, this is an exceptional way to prepare for a career in the retail sector.
The course is designed with the same intensity and quality as our on-campus learning, with the added flexibility of studying from anywhere in the world. Making use of the latest technologies in virtual learning, we are able to deliver to you the experience that makes AACA the best. The lessons are delivered though our App and live online class lectures.
This course is perfect for anyone, young or old, student or employed, passionate about the discipline of retail management.

Course Start Date: 25/01/2021
Duration: One Year
Number of Lessons: +/- 80


The course, is delivered in 4 cycles. Each cycle offers a unique approach and is designed to take the student through an exciting experience of establishing, managing, and developing a retail business.
The AACA retail management online course, is the ideal tool for students wanting to gain knowledge in the field of retail management, whether it is for the purpose of entering the retail trade through the establishment of a small business, or wanting to gain knowledge to allow for further study in the fields of management to enter a retail organisation at a higher level.


a) Minimum Qualification Requirements
• ID or Valid Passport
• Proof of residence
• Grade 12 or Matric or Equivalent
• Curriculum Vitae
• Competence in Communication, Mathematics and Computer literacy at NQF Level 4

b) Course Requirements
• Laptop
• Smartphone
• Internet connection

• Customer Service in Retail: Customer Relations and Buying Behaviour of Customers: Consumer Behavior
• Stocktaking and Documentation
• Business Operations and Sustainability
• Logistics and Supply Chain: Order and the Receiving Function
• Human Resource Management in Retail
• Retail Financial Management: Managing Financial Resources
• Store Operations: Security
• Asset and Risk Management in Retail
• Retail Management
• Business Management Principles
• Business Communication
• Accounting
• Economics of Business
• End User Computing
• Marketing Management: Retail Marketing: Merchandising
• Business and Consumer Law


SAQA ID NQF Level 5 – Higher Certificate In Retail Management, NQF Level 5: 120 Credits
AACA certificate of completion.


  • Retail Manager
  • Sales Manager
  • Merchandise Manager
  • Operations Manager For A Variety Of Businesses.
  • A specialist manager in retail distribution