Supply chain management is one of the fastest-growing sectors in today’s economy. Any form of accreditation in supply chain management will impart knowledge on how to reduce the costs of raw material and product distribution. This course is designed to equip students with the management skills, business entry into international trade, calculated decision making skills, inventory, demand, and transportation management needed to pursue career opportunities in this field. Supply chain management is about developing the expertise to devise an effective supply chain strategy.

The AACA course employs the use of real world case studies as jumping off points for lessons about effective, efficient, ethical management decisions.

The course is designed with the same intensity and quality as our on-campus learning, with the added flexibility of studying from anywhere in the world. Making use of the latest technologies in virtual learning, we are able to deliver to you the experience that makes AACA the best. The lessons are delivered though our App and live online class lectures.

This course is perfect for anyone, young or old, student or employed, passionate about the discipline of Supply chain management.

Course Start Date: 25/01/2021
Duration: One Year
Number of Lessons: +/- 80


The one-year online course, is delivered in 4 cycles. Each cycle offers a unique approach and is designed to take the student through an exciting experience of coordinating and controlling processes in the network of interconnected businesses that work together to provide a product or service to customers.

The course focuses on the impact of demands that an organization’s stakeholders place on purchasing; the impact that purchasing and materials management have on organizational success; the impact of ethical, contractual, and legal issues; the impact of strategic objectives; and the impact of supply chain considerations on the other major functional activities.

The purpose of the AACA Higher Certificate in Supply Chain Management online course, is to provide learners with the competencies required to engage in the processes and inter-relationships across the supply chain so as to create sustainable value for organisations. This qualification is aimed at overcoming the traditional functional approach to operations and management, and at fostering supply chain integration to the advantage of all stakeholders.


a) Minimum Qualification Requirements
• Grade 11 or Matric or Equivalent
• ID or Valid Passport
• Proof of residence
• Curriculum Vitae
• Competence in Communication, Mathematics and Computer literacy at NQF Level 4

b) Course Requirements
• Laptop
• Smartphone
• Internet connection

• Supply Chain Management: A Logistics Perspective
• Supply Chain Management: A General Management Integrative Approach
• Introduction to Supply Chain Management: What is Supply Chain Management?
• Types of Logistics in Supply Chain Management
• Logistics and Operations Strategy
• Planning & Sourcing Operations
• Effective Procurement Operations
• Manufacturing and Delivery Processes
• Market Distribution and Supply Chain
• Transport Management System
• Modern Materials Handling – Warehouse Operations
• Supply Chain Inventory Management
• Measuring supply chain performance
• System Design for Supply Chain Management and Logistics
• Role of Information Technology in Supply Chain Management


SAQA ID 102019: NQF Level 5 – Higher Certificate in Supply Chain Management:120 Credits
AACA certificate of completion


  • Business Analyst
  • Supply Chain Planner
  • Supply Chain Management Specialist
  • Supply Chain Director
  • Officer Supply Chain Management
  • Deputy Chief Commercial Officer (procurement / Logistics / Supply
  • Supply Chain Manager
  • Supply Chain Analyst
  • Logistics Manager
  • Supply Chain Officer
  • Bulk Logistics Manager/ Planning and Logistics Manager